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We Specialize In Business Consulting & IRS Tax Resolution


We Provide Business Consulting & IRS Tax Resolution Services

with you

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Business Consuting

We help you ariculate your broad gols and objectives that these will continuously change based on your activities. We will discuss review, prpare following matters,
  • your individual financial statement, your significant assets, an overview of your company, and cash flow.
  • all agreements you have with people in the business,
  •  your life insurance policies, their ownership, and payment arrangements for them.
  • your detailed income tax projection for the current year, and discuss it with you
  •  your wills, trusts, and estate plans for you and your wife. We will make suggestions of things that should be considered or followed through on. We will also review all designation of beneficiary forms for your retirement accounts and coordinate them with your estate plan.
  • the advisability, benefit, and cost, if any, of rolling over your IRA into a Roth IRA.
  • meet with you, your wife, your attorney or other advisors, and your staff as necessary to accomplish what is necessary for us to effectively and appropriately advise you.
  • use our full efforts and resources to obtain an overall familiarity and thorough understanding of your complete financial affairs.

We analyze the totality of your company’s operational areas and leverage best practices from assessment through execution to maximize results.

IRS Tax Resolution Services

Don't pay more in taxes than you have to! Take full advantage of all deductions and credits with our IRS Tax Resolution services. we help shield our clients from this overbearing government agency to help them overcome financial hurdles and stressful times with years of hands-on tax experience!

Most of this takes place without you ever coming to our offices. We live in a day and age where technology makes it easy for us to represent you no matter where you reside. Of course, you can always come to our offices if you prefer, whatever is more convenient for you.

Tax Relief Services...

Virtual Accounting & Tax Filing Services

We provide a tax projection and tax planning services. We offer a simple and secure process to complete the required tax filings for individuals, businesses, and save you time and money. You will enjoy service personally and professionally provided by CPA.

Virtual Accounting & Tax Filing Service...

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