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You know the challenge: You Want Your Company To Run Like A High-Performance Engine — But Don't Think You Have The Expertise, Time, Or Budget

Do any of the following questions sound familiar?

  • Cannot meet your revenue numbers — or payroll?
  • Have stagnant sales — no growth?
  • Do you have weak brand recognition?
  • How does your company compare to its peers?
  • Does the competition have more market share?
  • HR issues — wrong fit, cannot pay competitive rates, team not motivated?
  • Does tax time feel like death warmed over?
  • Do you even know your company’s weaknesses?
  • Do you rely on one or two primary customers for more than half of your revenues?
  • Are you working too many hours at the office?
  • Can your business run without you?
  • Do you struggle balancing quality and growth?
  • Is your family taking a back seat to your business?
  • Perhaps you should consider some help?

HNR CPA, LLC Is The Best Choice For Your Business Needs

The BEST Methodology

HNR CPA, LLC uses one of the industry’s BEST and PROVEN methodologies — born at MIT — to uncover the core problems or inefficiencies your business is facing –and show you what they are worth if you fix them. We analyze the totality of your company’s operational areas and leverage best practices from assessment through execution to maximize results.

The BEST Analysis

HNR CPA, LLC will help you identify the RIGHT areas to work on first that will help you get the most value.

Quick & Affordable — The free initial assessment only takes about 15 minutes and you get a valuable, detailed report with actionable steps, just for participating. The 2nd tier assessment is usually conducted as part of the formal engagement, is incredibly thorough and takes 60-90 minutes to complete.

Deep Dive Analysis — The assessment includes a value gap analysis, shows the increase in value over time for completed tasks, includes a ‘What If?’ scenario to test changes, benchmarking, CoreValue rating, plus an analytics report, KPIs and more.

The BEST Results

You get a plan of action that includes detailed tasks-ready to execute. Plus, you get the help to get it done right and grow your company to the next level.

Full Service

Once we have identified what to work on, we can help you with (list your specific services). In addition, what we don’t do personally, we can help connect you with our network of specialists we have pre-vetted and worked with — and we can manage them, or have you connected with them directly — whatever you prefer. These can include help with PR, SEO, Graphic Design, Sales, Management, Websites, IT, Taxes, Legal, and more!

ROI Based

What Can You Expect?

  • This process has increased value for the companies--the average company has grown by 27%.
  • The assessment shows the holes in your operations--we do not even engage unless we can SHOW you a greater return than the cost.
  • We generate a complete list of actionable recommendations – each item calculates an associated ROI. Then we pick the area with the greatest potential ROI and get started.
  • On average, you should get a 10x return for your dollars spent.

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